ASCEM GOs 2004 - 2nd Place, Best Overall New Author
ASCEM GOs 2004 - 3rd= Place, Best New TOS Author

p o e m s   &   d r a b b l e s

K&S, rated G, poem (30 November 2002)
Summary: There seems to be one consistency in Kirk's life.

The Real McCoy
S, Mc, rated G, drabble (29 July 2004)
Written for the title challenge on ASCEM. Summary: Who is the real McCoy?
ASCEM GOs 2004 - 3rd Place, TOS Single Drabble

Your Captain Needs You, Mr Spock
K&S, rated G, drabble (10 October 2004)
Summary: Captain Kirk requires the special skills of his first officer.

Fruit Salad
K&S, rated G, double drabble (22 October 2004)
Summary: Kirk and Spock study the fruit in the fruit bowl called Enterprise. Written for Farfalla's birthday.
ASCEM GOs 2004 - 3rd Place, Avocado Challenge

Mc, K&S, Sa/Am, K&Am, angst, rated G, drabble (28 August 2005)
Summary: Set during ST4. McCoy watches as Kirk and Amanda, frustrated while Spock retrains on Vulcan, find comfort in each other.

Unity of Stars
pre-K&S, rated G, poem (12 May 2006)
Summary: Kirk and Spock come from vastly different backgrounds. What unites them? Written for the first issue of Ampersand.

Amok Dream
S/f, S/Ch, rated PG, poem (13 May 2006)
Summary: Spock burns for T'Pring, but it's not that simple. Written for the first issue of Recreation Room.

k i r k   &   s p o c k   f i c s

K&S, rated PG (29 March 2003)
Summary: After a disastrous planet-side mission Spock is left behind and Kirk is unable to return. But, is Spock really stranded?
This was my very first attempt at writing fan fiction - included here more for the sake of completeness than anything else, LOL.

Chasing Wild Fowl
K, S, Mc, rated G (2 October 2003)
Summary: Spock discovers yet more evidence of human illogic when he starts to find strange objects in strange places.

Cherry Blossom
K&S, rated G (12 November 2003)
Summary: Six months into their 5-year mission together, Kirk and Spock are still learning to communicate. Click here to see the pencil drawing I did to accompany this story. You can find the group's combined challenge contributions here. Challenge response on the KirkSpockFriendsForever list inspired by the words "cherry blossom".

Whom Gods Employ
K, S, Mc, rated G (27 February 2004)
Summary: The Big Three beam down to a primitive-populated planet (read: Prime Directive in force). It's a simple mission; what could go wrong?

The Battle
K&S, Mc, rated G (3 March 2004)
Summary: A starship captain finally meets his match.

Win or Lose
K&S, Mc, rated G (5 March 2004)
Summary: Kirk can't win, so why does he seem so pleased?
ASC Awards 2004 - 3rd Place in 'Featuring Kirk' Category

K&S, rated PG (10 March 2004)
Summary: Kirk starts to wonder about the strange Vulcan weapons in Spock's quarters. The title and other Vulcan words in the story come from the Vulcan Language Institute. Each is explained. Written in response to the 'Knife Challenge' on the KirkSpockFriendsForever list.
ASC Awards 2004 - Recommended

The Knife
S (&K), rated PG (12 March 2004)
Summary: Spock must deal with the knife used to stab Kirk in Journey to Babel. A darker fic, told from Spock's POV. A second response to the 'Knife Challenge'.
ASC Awards 2004 - Recommended

Shore Leave
K&S, rated G (15 March 2004)
Summary: Kirk's always wanted to take Spock on shore leave...

By Gum!
K&S, rated G (20 March 2004)
Summary: Kirk has an irritating new habit.

The Shell
K&S, angst, rated G (1 July 2004)
Summary: Spock's POV directly after he "killed" Kirk in Amok Time.
ASC Awards 2004 - Recommended
ASCEM GOs 2004 - 3rd= Place, TOS Vignette

The Price of Friendship
K&S, rated G (15 February 2005)
Summary: Kirk and Spock talk about what value means to them.

The Saint of Luck
K, S, Mc, Sc, Riley rated G (18 March 2005)
Summary: A St Patrick's Day fic. Green beer, leprechauns and Irish good luck.

K&S, angst, rated PG (22 August 2005)
Summary: Amok Time fic. The pon farr and the severed bond with T'Pring bring about a plethora of emotions for Spock.

A Tight Situation
K&S, Mc, humour, rated G (27 October 2005)
Summary: Based on a Patrick Stewart anecdote, where he claimed that during the filming of the horse riding scene in Generations, William Shatner gave him an unusual cure for chafing...

K&S, angst, rated G (29 October 2005)
Summary: When Kirk is injured, he considers his close friendship with Spock, and what it means in a high-risk profession.

Requiem's End
K&S&Mc, some angst, rated G (18 November 2005)
Summary: A sequel to the 3rd Season episode, Requiem for Methuselah. Kirk is not as upset about Rayna as McCoy expects him to be.

K(&S), angst, rated PG (1 May 2006)
Summary: Set at the end of, The Wrath of Khan. Kirk ponders his birthday. Written for the "glass" challenge" at Best Trek Fic.

A History of the Early Interaction of Vulcans and Humans
pre-K&S, rated G (1 May 2006)
Summary: It's hard work making friends with a Vulcan. Academy fic. Written for the first issue of Ampersand.

l i t t l e   t r e k   -   t h e   d a y c a r e   s e r i e s

The New Kid, or The Return of the Spoon
K&S, others, rated G, AU Daycare fic (20 May 2004)
Summary: There's a new arrival at the Starfleet Daycare Centre.... Part 1 of the Little Trek series.
ASC Awards 2004 - Recommended

K&S, others, rated G, AU Daycare fic (23 June 2004)
Summary: Summary: Snow at the Daycare Centre! Part 2 of the Little Trek series.

Click here for a list of Trek daycare stories by different authors.

o t h e r   s t o r i e s

Have You Ever Really Loved... Nurse Chapel?
S/Ch, rated G (28 January 2004)
Summary: Spock receives some advice from his mother and a 20th/21st Century singer named Bryan Adams. An admittedly odd response to a challenge on the SpockandChristine list, where the story had to be inspired by - or somehow incorporate - the lyrics from the Bryan Adams song, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman. Click here for the lyrics.

Do Vulcans Play Fizzbin?
S, Mc, rated G (3 February 2005)
Summary: McCoy makes a bet he's sure he can't lose.

Ch, K, S, Mc, rated PG (25 February 2005)
Summary: Christine Chapel's first day with the Enterprise makes her rethink her reasons for going into space. (Note: In this case, "nova" takes the Latin meaning, new.)

A Matter of Faith
S, m, rated G (26 September 2005)
Summary: As the task of Unification grows more desperate, Spock encourages D'Tan to hope, recalling another peace treaty, another pupil, and another question of having faith.

a d u l t   r a t e d   s t o r i e s

Note: The following stories are rated for adults (that's 18 years and over in most countries) due to sexual content. Please read the story codes carefully before clicking on story links.

Ten Minutes in Storage Compartmnt 3F-341C
S/f, rated R, PWP, sexual situations (16 May 2006)
Summary: What does a Vulcan do in a dark storage compartment? Written for the first issue of Recreation Room.

The Truth About Cats and Vulcans
S/U, rated NC-17, sexual situations, explicit mention of naughty Vulcan bits! (16 May 2006)
Summary: When Uhura begins an intimate relationship with Spock, she wants to find out if the rumours about Vulcans are true. Written for the first issue of Recreation Room.

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