Star Trek - The Daycare Stories Link List

Ever wonder what Kirk, Spock and the gang might have been like as lil' kiddies? No?


Below are some links to stories set in alternate universes, where the Trek characters are together as kids, more often than not, in a daycare centre. If the idea of a pint-sized Jimmy and Spock makes you go "Awww", then read on. If not, read on anyway; you might be surprised.

Note: These stories aren't linked in any way other than the overriding "daycare" theme. Each author has created their own "universe" for the kids to play in.


  • A Visit to the Day Care Room

Hypatia Kosh

  • Stinky Meat Eater


  • Daycare, the Final Frontier
  • Requiem for Mattel
  • Deep Space Nine-Year-Olds

Mrs Spock

  • The New Kid, or The Return of the Spoon
  • Caterpillar

Ster Julie

  • I Want Him To Be My T'hy'la
  • Bestest Friends in All the Galaxy
  • Career Day
  • Open House
  • The Mother's Day Project
  • The Father's Day Project
  • Time Out!
  • Rivals
  • The Fieldtrip Disaster
  • The New Girl
  • The USS Daycare
  • Doll Fight!
  • Show and Tell
  • Change and Pain

Everybody luvs Malcolm Reed

  • Preschoolers: The First Day

If you know of any other kiddie-style Star Trek fics that aren't listed here, let me know, so I can add 'em.

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