The truth is that I don't really have it in for Riker, but he's just not Spock... I guess the legendary Kirk luck is real...

Two words: Nerve Pinch

Eidetic memory (very handy for an absent-minded captain)

Kirk's first officer doesn't give orders when he's on the bridge

Vulcan strength (Riker's a biggie, but size isn't everything)

Telepathy (Captain, is that all you think about?!)

Spock didn't crash and write off the Enterprise

Riker plays the trombone badly (to the crew's groans), Spock not only plays his Vulcan harp beautifully (to the crew's delight), but can sight-read and recognise the handwriting of Brahms!

Spock is two people in one: science officer and first officer

Only Spock would face the death penalty for his former captain

Spock and Kirk make a great team

It takes at least 4 strong men to wrestle Spock to the ground; it would take at least 4 strong men (probably more) to lift Riker up

Pointed ears (what girl could resist?)

Better hearing (eavesdrop without being noticed - not that Vulcans do that, mind you)

Vulcan inner eyelid: he doesn't need sunnies but, if he ever did, he'd look good

Spock can break out of anywhere

Spock gets attacked by a parasitic creature, controls the pain, and goes back to work; Riker gets bitten by something and has to lie asleep in sickbay having erotic dreams before he's better

Spock actually has a sense of humour

Picard has Data, Troi and Riker cluttering up the bridge; Kirk has it all in one handy-sized package: Spock

Spock doesn't leer at everything in a skirt (at least, not obviously)

When Spock died, his friends risked their lives and careers to save him; if Riker died, he'd be replaced

Spock is smarter than Wesley (hey, Spock is smarter than Data)

Spock wouldn't try a corny (and predictable) pick-up line like Riker did with Vash

Mind meld - enough said

Spock sacrificed himself to save the crew of the Enterprise

Spock looks good without a shirt (Picard: "Mr Worf, please contact life sciences and inform them that one of their furry specimens has escaped its cage and made its way to the bridge...")

Spock actually suits a beard

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