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p o i n t y   e a r s   s i t e s

p o i n t y   e a r s
The home of Mrs Spock's Star Trek fan fiction and complete Spock obsession. Stories about the Enterprise guys, art and fun. All Spock, all Classic Trek, all from a crazed fangirl's mind. Also home to the Star Trek Daycare Story Linklist.

l e o n a r d   n i m o y   :   a   l i f e   b e y o n d   s p o c k   t r i b u t e
A tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the man who is and isn't Spock. Art, screencaps from several non-Spock television and movie roles, a Leonard picture to colour in! (you know you want to...)

c o w s p a r k l e
Icons for your LiveJournal, blog, or wherever else it is you yap about yourself online. Icons in every colour of Spock. Oh, and some Nimoy and other stuff.

h o s t e d   @   p o i n t y   e a r s

s t a r   t r e k   e - z i n e s

a m p e r s a n d
A Star Trek TOS gen e-zine. Stories, poetry and art with an emphasis on the friendships between the main characters.

r e c r e a t i o n   r o o m
A Star Trek TOS het e-zine. Stories, poetry and art depicting the main TOS characters in het pairings. It's ♥romance♥ and stuff, y'know.

o t h e r   s i t e s

l y n ' s   t h r e a d w o r k
Have a look at the work of an experienced embroiderer, a specialist in Elizabethan and Stumpwork embroidery.

t h o u g h t s   u n s p o k e n
Star Trek: The Next Generation themed LiveJournal icons by jeanlucbev.

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