• Added two new Spock wallpapers. They're available in both 1024x768 and widescreen 1280x800 on the art page.


  • Added several more icons to Cowsparkle
  • There are a couple of silly new digital manipulations on the art page - a comic-style scene from A Piece of the Action and a Vulcan version of the Apple iPod ads.
  • Also up on the pointy-ears.com domain are two new Star Trek TOS e-zines: Ampersand, a gen/friendship-themed zine, and Recreation Room, a het zine. Both zines are accepting art and written work for their first issues. Check them out!


  • Added a S/Ch-ish wallpaper. It's on the art page.


  • Added two new Spock wallpapers. Look for them on the art page.


  • Added a new story, a sequel to the episode, Requiem for Methuselah, Requiem's End (K&S&Mc, angst-ish, rated G).
  • Added 10 new icons to Cowsparkle - 2 K&S, 8 Spock


  • Added 3 wallpapers and 385 screencaps from the Columbo episode A Stitch in Crime to the Leonard Nimoy section.
  • Added several more LJ icons in the Nimoy and various Star Trek sections of Cowsparkle.
  • Added a Kirk and Spock wallpaper, 2 pieces of digital, photo montage-style art and one wacky piece of art humour to the art page.
  • Added 4 stories, Severance (K&S, angst, rated PG), A Matter of Faith (S, m, rated G), A Tight Situation (K&S, Mc, humour, rated G), Orbit (K&S, angst, rated G), and a drabble, Solace (Mc, K&S, Sa/Am, K&Am, angst, rated G)
  • I've given the site another minor facelift (I can't help myself, LOL).


  • Added a Nimoy wallpaper and redesigned the Nimoy part of the site. Heaps of LJ icons have been sneaking in here since the last main update. *g*


  • Added 2 Nimoy wallpapers and a whole bunch of LJ icons.


  • Added 21 LiveJournal icons.
  • Added a Leonard Nimoy wallpaper.


  • Yes, the site's moved again. In an attempt to rid it of the dubious title of "most regularly moved website", it now lives in its own domain. May it live long and prosper... exactly where it is....


26/3/05 Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

  • Added 11 new Nimoy themed LJ icons.
  • Added 4 Nimoy drawings to the Art page.
  • Added 50 screencaps of Leonard Nimoy behind the scenes on Star Trek IV.




  • Added some Kirk and Spock chibis for adoption.


  • My site's back up - yay! My apologies to anyone who's tried to access it in the last 6 weeks. So, a belated welcome to the new site. It's the last move, I promise hope. ;~) Right now, the Links, Recs and Episodes pages aren't up, so don't be surprised by the odd 404.
  • Check out the crosswords page.
  • Added 30 new digital drawings to the art page - Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Nimoy... and Picard.
  • New story: Do Vulcans Play Fizzbin? (S,Mc, rated G)
  • New story: The Price of Friendship (K&S, rated G)
  • New story: Nova (K,S,Mc,Ch, rated PG)
  • On the Nimoy page, new screencaps of Leonard Nimoy in Them! (1954), plus a Nimoy picture to colour in!

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