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:: ISSUE #1 ::

Safari - Story by Maximum, [R]; S/U
Communication - Story by Maximum, [PG]; S/U
Ten Minutes in Storage Compartment 3F-341C - Story by Mrs Spock, [R]; S/?; PWP
The Truth About Cats and Vulcans - Story by Mrs Spock, [NC-17]; S/U

Amok Dream - Poem by Mrs Spock, [PG]; S/f, S/Ch

Kirk/Uhura - Art by Kazanova, [PG]; K/U
Mirror Kirk/Uhura - Art by Kazanova, [PG]; K/U (mirror universe)
Shirtless Spock - Art by Kazanova, [PG]; S
Spock/Chapel - Art by Mrs Spock, [G]; S/Ch
Spock's Women (Mostly!) - LiveJournal Icons by Mrs Spock, [G]; S/Ch, S/Valeris, S/Zarabeth, S/Leila, K/Edith

:: ISSUE #2 ::

Consequences - Story by Maximum, [NC-17]; S/U
Hamachi Hanky Panky - Story by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten, [R]; Su/R
To Begin Anew Story by Vulcanprincess, [NC-17]; Sc/f
Diplomatic Function Story by Maximum, [NC-17]; C/f
Three Drabbles Drabbles by Rolletti, [G]; S/U

Waiting For You - Art by Mrs Spock, [PG]; S
Afterglow - Art by Mrs Spock, [PG]; S/Ch


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