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About Recreation Room

Recreation Room is an online zine - or e-zine - containing fan-created art, poetry and stories involving the main characters of the original Star Trek series (TOS) in heterosexual relationships.

Recreation Room contains art and written work of all ratings, from work suitable for all audiences through to adults only, so if you are not considered an adult in your state/country/planet, or you had to run off to find a dictionary to understand what "heterosexual" meant, you might like to try Ampersand for your Star Trek fan fix.

If you're a fan artist or writer with a romantic streak and a liking for TOS, I hope you'll consider contributing something to Recreation Room. Go to the submissions page for information. If you have any questions or comments, me (preferably with the words "Recreation Room" in the subject line).
--Mrs Spock, editor


Star Trek, its universe and its characters (excluding original author creations) are the property of Paramount/CBS. No infringement of copyright is intended and no money is made from this e-zine.

The story/poetry and art contents are the property of the author/artist. If you wish to use the work of a zine contributor, you must contact them and ask their permission.

Both art and written work may contain elements suitable for adults only. By entering the site, you acknowledge that it is legal for you to do so.

Many thanks to Lyra for suggesting the title, and to Farfalla, for help with the planning of the e-zine.

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