Title: Hamachi Hanky Panky
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo (dot) com
Rating: R
Codes: Su/R
Genre: vignette, humorotica
Summary: Life around Sulu is always an adventure, even mealtimes.
Disclaimer: Someone else owns Star Trek. I make no profit but my smiles and your feedback.
Other: Beta-read by Hypatia Kosh, and inspired by a certain infamous George Takei quote.

"Mmmm." Rand closed her eyes and let out a decadent sigh as she engulfed a caviar-encrusted slice of sushi roll. It was some moments before she spoke again, since a lady never speaks with her mouth full. "This is delicious! I don't think I've ever enjoyed sushi as much as tonight."

"I'm glad you agreed to come with me," said Sulu as he refilled both their teacups from the pot on the table. "I love introducing people to my favorite pasttimes."

"I've noticed," said Rand with a smile, thinking of the fencing lessons, the conversations about botany, and the nights they'd spent watching old Samurai vids.

Sulu picked up another slice of his yellowtail roll. He squeezed it gently with his fingers, causing the piece of fresh raw fish inside protrude slightly from between the folds of rice and nori.

Rand watched him curiously. What esoteric ancient Japanese ritual was this going to turn into?

Then Sulu began to flick at the emerging piece of yellowtail with his tongue. Subtly, of course, but it was enough.

Rand flushed, and squeezed her legs together. She knew what he meant. "Hikaru!" she hissed in a minute whisper. "Not here! That's not nice." They were in public, for goodness' sake.

He had caught the arousal hiding in her face behind the undying sense of propriety, and knew his tease had hit home. "Not nice? No, I'm being nice. Not nice would be if I said--you are a rich, gooey, devil's food cake, that I want to drop my face into and go--!" He started to make rubbery noises with his lips.

Rand bit her lip and looked around the room. Luckily, nobody was paying attention. "You're always so much more relaxed than I am. How do you keep your sanity, out here in the far reaches of space?"

"What do you think all those hobbies are for?" Sulu countered.


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