Title: Three Drabbles
Author: Rolletti
Email: rolletti (at) rolletti (dot) com
Rating: G
Codes: S/U
Genre: drabble (x3)
Summary: 1) Uhura has secrets, 2) Spock tells Uhura that he admires her…in his own way, 3) Spock wonders why Uhura is sighing so excessively
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paramount owns all. Whatever!

Truth in Dreams

"Spock NO, don't go!"

"Ms. Uhura, are you alright? Answer me! I am coming in."

On route to his quarters after a late night of chess, Spock heard Uhura scream. He hit the over-ride button to let himself in and found her sitting up in bed looking confused. After looking around to confirm there were no intruders, he assumed she had a bad dream. Slowly he sat down next to her in order not to frighten.

"Ms Uhura, wake up."

Uhura was not fully awake as she leaned against Spock, "Darling, Is T'Pring gone?"

He was too stunned to react.



Secret Admirer

Spock saw Uhura in the commissary looking at a box of hair dye and wondered if she intended on buying it for herself.

He stood in the isle behind her and watched as he made his own selections. He admired her beauty, her regal features, soft and beautiful.

Uhura held the dye close to her uncut hair and turned to admire the color in the mirror. She looked beyond her image and saw she had an admirer.

Spock held her eyes as he made his way towards her and whispered, "I believe your natural color is most becoming."



Oh No, It's Nothing

Uhura sighed once too many as she sat next to Spock. She agreed to watch twentieth century sitcoms with him to get a better grasp on the complex emotion, humor.

"Nyota is something wrong?"

"No." she smiled.

Spock returned to the screen and his studies when he heard her sigh again.

"Nyota, something is wrong, what is it?"

"It's nothing really."

He raised an indignant brow that spoke volumes.

"Well," she said a bit agitated. "Why do we have to watch twentieth century commercials and infomercials? Really Spock, Ronco? What man would spray black hair paint on their bald spot?


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