This is an ever-growing list of fics I've read online, which have touched me in some way, and I think others might enjoy, too. At the moment, it's far from comprehensive (and probably never will be!), but it's a sample of some of what's out there. Warning: possible spoilers.

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Life of a Leader by Frances Vitale
A nice exploration of the realities of leadership and an outsider's view of Kirk and Spock's friendship. Kirk and Spock are very much leader and scientist, respectively, in the way they see the planetary ruler, and the conclusions they make about him are quite neat.

Captain, Do You Play? by Liz Ellington
A look at Kirk's first days aboard the Enterprise and his impressions of his Vulcan science officer. The Gary Mitchell of this story isn't as downright nasty as I've seen elsewhere, but still has some edges to him that are new to Kirk. I like that Kirk is beginning to trust his intuition, and when he thinks there's more to Spock than meets the eye, the seeds of friendship are sown.

The Wheel Turns by Valerie Piacentini
Valerie Piacentini's written a lot of stories with a strong focus on Kirk and Spock's friendship, often using a hurt/comfort format. In this story, Kirk has amnesia and Spock has to form a close mental link with him to protect him as they try to survive on a Prime Directive planet, waiting to be rescued. It's an interesting look at Spock, by necessity, taking charge of his captain and their needs, and needing to utelise his emotions to help Jim. I chose this as an example of an author who's written a lot of good quality K&S and K&S&Mc fics. Check out more of her stories here, and also other stories formerly published by Scotpress.

The T'Varon Chronicles by Gloria Fry
This is an AU story - actually, a set of connected stories - where Lieutenant Commander James T. Kirk is assigned to a year's service on an all-Vulcan ship. He, of course, befriends the half-Vulcan science officer, Spock, and they share a number of adventures while Kirk adjusts to being the odd one out. T'Pring and Stonn make appearances, along with some Klingons and some other interesting aliens. The circumstances may be different, but this is still "our" Jim and Spock, and their lives seem pre-destined. Gloria's K&S fics have lots of action/adventure and imaginative plots. Visit her site here.

t h e   b i g   t h r e e -- k i r k ,   s p o c k  &  m c c o y

A Minor Irritation by Holly Trueblood
This is a fic with a reasonable squick factor for those with an aversion to bugs. For once, it's Spock who gets the illness of the day, and Kirk and McCoy have to take care of him. The squickiness aside, there's some neat K-S-Mc stuff, and a lesson for Spock about friendship and trust.

The Tale the Cap Told by Cathy German
This story takes the Enterprise guys into the American Civil War, where McCoy's ancestor served. It's a chilling look at a piece of Earth history through 23rd century eyes, with a fantasy twist. Cathy German, aka Pat Detmer, writes an especially good McCoy in her stories, and great Spock-McCoy interaction. Several of her stories are personal favourites, often written in a very witty style. Look for more of her stories on the Orion Press site.

h u m o u r

Rattles and Beads by Fizzbin
This is a story that's funny and cute and original. It's a Spock and McCoy story where McCoy has to go to some extraordinary lengths to save Spock's hide. What I especially like is the way the story is told from the villagers' POV - with Spock the Demon and McCoy the Witch Doctor.

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