This is very much a work in progress - I have a lot of bookmark sorting and link checking before this page will start to properly take shape. But I knew if I didn't make a start on it now, I'd probably never get around to it...

k & s   a n d   g e n   f a n   f i c t i o n

Gloria's Star Trek Fan Fiction Home Page
Mostly K&S stories with some neat action/adventure plots, many of which come from now out-of-print fanzines.

Kirk & Spock Friendship Fiction by Farfalla Caquí
Farfalla's primarily a K/S author, but she's made a page for those of her fics that can read as K&S. There's everything from very cute to sweet to sad here.

An online archive of stories which appeared in the the various zines published by Scotpress from the 1970s-1990s. Gen stories with a focus on Kirk, Spock and McCoy (especially K&S).

Star Trek: TOS Fiction by Nesabj
Gen stories with a focus on Kirk's relationship with his crew.

Gamin Davis' Spock Treks
K&S, S/Ch and Spock's childhood stories, poems and art.

Linda C Wood's Nimoy Fan Fiction Website
Stories about the various characters Leonard Nimoy has played, including Spock.

Orion Press Archives
Huge archive of online TOS fiction as well as info on their current zines.

1001 Trek Tales
Story archive for the Trektales group. Also some stories from out-of-print zines.

o t h e r   s t a r   t r e k   s i t e s

Strange Fascination


A Spock-centric look at Star Trek - the episodes, characters, pro novels, etc. A Spock fanatic's guide for the Spock fanatic.

Stick Trek

Helen's Stick Trek Star Trek cartoons. The characters from all Star Trek franchises rendered as stick figures.

Star Trek Sickbay
A Czech Star Trek site, but easy enough to find your way around. One of the best things here is the episode transcripts - very useful if you're looking for a quote and don't want to dig out your DVDs/videos.

Vulcan Language Institute
Trying a new language - why not Vulcan? You never know when you might need it.

Complete Starfleet Library
List of every Trek book published - and some that weren't.

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