Welcome to my world of needlework! My name is Lynette Hale and I have been doing embroidery from a very young age - at my grandmother’s knee- and by putting it on this page I can share it with all of you who share the same passion!

I am Past President of our local Embroiderers’ Guild having been in it for 20 years now. I am a tutor and up until recently tutored for the local shops as well as for the Guilds throughout the South Island here in New Zealand. I still tutor for the Guilds but as I am now 70 years of age I consider that I am now retired from doing it for the shops.

I have lots of projects in mind to do & like most embroiderers & quilters have a “stash” aside to do during this retirement state! Or I believe the latest saying is “a S.A.B.L.E.” Stash Accumulated Beyond Life’s Expectancy!!!

Just recently my elder son became engaged to be married & I am engrossed in making the wedding gown & all of the added items that seem to go with it! I have just completed the hand embroidery on both the bodice & train, plus the veil. So far over 70 hours of work, 100 roses,120 leaves & beading! (You will see a photo of it below.)

I specialise in Elizabethan embroidery, and Stumpwork, but I do lots of other techniques as well. This is important if I am tutoring, because one needs to have a good grounding in varying techniques to be able to tutor in it, plus answer questions put to me during the tutoring process.

Please enjoy viewing my work below, & email me with your comments. If you have any questions as well please feel free to ask me.

Yours in stitching,

Contact me at: contact@pointy-ears.com(without the spaces)

Below are some samples of my embroidery. Click on the thumbnails for the full sized images.


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